The Senior Experience

The senior experience is a way for young men and women to show who they are and what they will become in a creative and fun outlet that will last a lifetime.

For every senior session, I take the time to get to really know the individual: what they like, dislike, their plans, their insecurities, their ideas. I get to really know who they are. To me, the individual is the most important part of the photoshoot. While, yes, I could take photos of someone in a pretty setting, but does that really show who they are? Absolutely not.

My goal is to take photos of who they are, not just their outward appearance in a completely fun and light atmosphere. I strive for the session to be an experience and an adventure that will truly last.

The Process


Each senior will fill out a questionnaire, detailing their interests, their ideas for the session, where they will be going to school, what they love, what they hate, and everything in-between, so I can get to who they are before the session and throughout the collaborating process. I will send the questionnaire after contact through either phone or email!


From there on, a package much be chosen to ensure they get the most from them. Each package is differentiated by the amount of time taken during a session, the amount of outfit changes, and the amount of locations. There is also a $50.00 non-refundable retainer fee to set your date and time and a rain date.


The next step we will take is choosing a location. Sometimes people know where they want to go or have an idea what they want it to look like and others simply have no idea. And that's okay. I am here to help find the best location for the senior in their entirety! There are many places all over Hampton Roads that I know of and have been to that are available for your choosing or guidance. 


Now that the location has been chosen, we get to choose outfits! Each location can influence what outfits will look best and I am here to help in anyway possible. Sending me a text or email works best. Depending on if someone needs their hair and makeup done, I will recommend a few MUAs all ranging in prices, experience, and style. That way we can ensure you look the best you can!

The Day Before

The day of your shoot is so important! I will send out checklists of everything the day before the photoshoot that must be brought and done before we arrive at the specified location, date, and time. 

The Big Day

Today is the day! Make sure the checklist is fulfilled for maximum photoshoot potential. We will meet at the location and run through what I have planned. The first 30 minutes will be used to get the senior comfortable in front of the camera. I do not expect anyone to be a model right off of the bat, I am there for my experience with posing, lighting, angles, everything! We will play some of your favorite music, goof off, and have a good time. Today is an adventure, an experience, and a fun time to create lasting memories. 

The Following Weeks

While I have been known to give photos back quickly, I allow a two to three week leeway in case life seems to get in the way of my excitement to edit. I have years of experience behind the lens, but I also have years of experience using professional editing programs. Your culled through and professionally edited photos will be uploaded to an online gallery where you can download your photos in high resolution. These files are included in your package price and may be printed and/or used on social media. 

If you are interested in having me print your photos for you, I can; however, there will be fees to do so and it is dependent on what you are interested in getting. The plus side to me printing for you, is that they ship within a two day time span! 

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