Equine Portraiture

Horses have been an integral part of my life for over half of my lifetime.

When I was eleven years old, I transitioned from a lesson student to a working student at a warmblood breeding facility where I was taken under the wings of a breeder and a professional photographer. From there on, I received extensive knowledge in the horse industry. While I am specifically a dressage rider, I have been submerged into the different "worlds"; such as, hunters, jumpers, equitation, western, saddleseat, and many more. Throughout them, I have been able to capture the beautiful bonds between horse and rider and how horses have truly impacted all of our lives. I understand horses and I understand horse people, thus I pride myself in making every photoshoot an experience that lasts a lifetime.

The Process


Each client will fill out a questionnaire, detailing their discipline, horses' breed(s), their ideas for the session, what they love, what they hate, and everything in-between, so I can get an idea about how to approach the session, what looks best for the horse breed and discipline, and so on to help throughout the collaboration process. I will send the questionnaire after contact through either phone or email


From there on, a package much be chosen to ensure they get the most from them. Each package is differentiated by what the client is looking for. I offer black background equine portraiture sessions, as well as, typical equine portraiture and a combination of the two. I also offer For-Sale Ads and horse show coverage. 


I suggest staying at the barn your horse is located, even the locations clients deem as unattractive, I will be able to find beauty there. If a client is very concerned or wishes to do something different, we may go to an offsite location upon request. 


Now that the location has been chosen for your typical equine portraiture session, we get to choose outfits! Often times, clients choose regular everyday outfits as well as show attire. I recommend looking at Pinterest to find outfits that match your horse well. For those who are daring and want something unique, they may choose something exotic, such as a gorgeous dress, or something edgy. I am here every step of the way if you need help choosing!

The Day Before

The day of your shoot is so important! I will send out checklists of everything the day before the photoshoot that must be brought and done before we arrive at the specified location, date, and time. Please ensure that your horse is washed, your clothes are clean, and that your tack has been cleaned as well. 

The Big Day

Today is the day! Make sure the checklist is fulfilled for maximum photoshoot potential. We will meet at the location and run through what I have planned. I do not expect anyone to be a model right off of the bat, I am there for my experience with posing, lighting, angles, everything! And I'm sure your horse(s) will make us laugh. Today is an adventure, an experience, and a fun time to create lasting memories with your teammate.

The Following Weeks

While I have been known to give photos back quickly, I allow a two to three week leeway in case life seems to get in the way of my excitement to edit. I have years of experience behind the lens, but I also have years of experience using professional editing programs. Your culled through and professionally edited photos will be uploaded to an online gallery where you can download your photos in high resolution. These digital files are included in your package price and may be printed and/or used on social media.

If you are interested in having me print your photos for you, I can; however, there will be fees to do so and it is dependent on what you are interested in getting. The plus side to me printing for you, is that they ship within a two day time span!

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