Modeling Portfolio - Jennifer Lindgens Photography

Although I'm usually behind the camera, sometimes I get the opportunity to get in front of the camera with another photographer or to help teach amateurs about using a camera on manual, about angles, etc. 

Here are a few instances I've been able to get in front of a camera over the years.

Goes from oldest to newest.

Rico Marcelo Photography

Downtown Norfolk to show case a clothing line, makeup natural to show freckles and dark lip.

Dick Bennet Photography

Goes from newest photos (about a year ago) to oldest photo (three years ago) since I started modeling for him for fun and experience. Waiting on some photos from him currently.

Teaching Amatuers

All photos are from different people that I have taught. Some are better than others, all makeup is done by me, or I'm not wearing makeup at all. These are the most recent photos since I've been teaching more recently.

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